Adult Sunday School

The desire of each Adult Sunday School Class is to magnify Christ through faithful biblical teaching, loving fellowship and a yearning to lift each other up in prayer.

Before our Worship Service on Sunday morning, there is an adult class that meet together for the purpose of equipping and encouraging one another in practical christian living.

 Current classes offered:

Fundamentals of the Faith
Pastor Bob Taylor

Fundatmentals of the Faith is an introduction to the foundations of what we believe and teach in the life of Mission Road Bible Church. These fundamentals are anchored on the truths of God's only inspired written revelation, the Bible. What we believe matters and has eternal consequences.

Fundatmentals of the Faith will give an overview of the core truths of the Christian-truth about God the Father, Christ, and the Holy Spirit; truth about man's sin and God's plan of salvation; and the truth about God's revealed will for the church and our individual lives.

Fundamentals of the Faith is for the seasoned saint looking to be refreshed on basic Bible doctrines, the new believer looking for ansers to questions about the Bible, or the person wanting to be adequately prepared to give teh gospel to friends and family.


Hebrews: The Truth & Implications of the Supremacy of Christ
Pastor Aaron Johnson

A systematic study of the book of Hebrews in which the believer will be strengthened in their understanding of its truths and also encouraged in their application of those truths to their lives. 


Isaiah: The Wonder of God's Judement and Salvation
Pastor Myral Watson

A systematic study of the book of Isaiah.