Men's Training

Thursdays at 6:00am


Men's Training (MT) is the foundation of men's ministry at MRBC. The purpose of MT is to equip men to be spiritually mature leaders in the home, the church and the world by stabilizing them with biblical convictions for the glory of Jesus Christ. Over the course of two years, MT aims to build these convictions through four areas of focus: Character, Content, Commitment, Competency.

CHARACTER What does a godly man look like? A credible character is indispensable for the good servant of Christ Jesus. Who a man is before the Lord must not be separated from what a man does for the Lord. The focus of this series is to teach and encourage men to cultivate a godly character that accords with sound doctrine.

CONTENT What does a godly man know? Christ exalting leadership in the home, the church, and the world is theological leadership. to live and lead in accordance with biblical truth requires that men know biblical truth. The focus of this series is to build men of content - able to discover, articulate, and defend truth - through a survey of basic biblical doctrine and the theological distinctives of MRBC.

COMMITMENT What does a godly man commit himself to? A commitment to lead in godliness is a commitment to others. Men are called to disciple, that is, to cultivate spiritual friendships for the purpose of growing in Christ-likeness. The focus of this series is to help men build stronger convictions for discipleship and grow in their commitments to shepherding in the family, service in the church, and outreach in the world.

COMPETENCY What tools does a godly man possess? Whether in the home, in the church, or in the world, faithful leadership requires the ability to rightly divide the Word of God. The focus of this series is to equip men with the tools nad skills for competent Bible study and expository ministry to others.


All men of MRBC are invited to join MT on Thursday mornings from 6:00 - 7:00 am. Men can start at any point during any series. Those who have completed MT are encouraged to return as many times as they are able.


Faithful to attend. Are you willing to wake up early and show up? Availability varies during different seasons of life and not all who would like to attend are able, yet for those who are able, faithfulness begins with attendance.

Faithful to engage. Are you willing to pursue relationships with other men? MT is an on-ramp for discipleship relatioships. a right view of the instruction provided on Thursday mornings should include seeing it as an aid to your faithful involvement in the lives of other men. 

Faithful to respond. Are you willing to think critically about what you are taught and, by the Lord's grace, pursue change where needed? Throughout MT there are countless opportunities to demonstrate faithfulness with what you are being entrusted with. These opportunities range from the completion of homework to cultivating heart change.