Care Groups

We understand that the corporate gathering on Sunday can be a difficult time to develop relationship characterized by biblical fellowship and discipleship. Thus, our members are also encouraged to be involved with smaller segments of the church body: Care Groups.

These groups are intended to be a relational network focused on applying scriptural truths to one another's lives. As such, relationships are built within the meeting contexts to encourage open and honest conversation about the struggles and triumphs being experience by individual members. These relationships and conversations facilitate the practice of the many biblical "one anothers," also serving as a springboard into more intimate discipleship relationships. The intended result is for members to have opportunities to encourage, exhort, teach, help, bear with, pray for, rebuke and love one another through all the shared experiences of life.

Care Groups meet throughout the Kansas City Metro area in homes on the 2nd and 4th Sunday evenings of a month. Members are encouraged to be spurring one another on in life and faith throughout the course of their days. More information (time/location) on the formal meetings can be obtained by emailing Pastor Aaron.

Click here for a more detailed philosophy of Care Groups.